Why FB batteries

  • Product Advantages

    We design and provide sophisticated rechargeable batteries with variety covering most areas of applications and very high technical requirements. The Low Self-discharge rechargeable is typical for both consumer and industrial markets while SC type is highly selected for high drain and high temperature applications. With technology-driven research and development, we are always working on new product roadmap every year so that we are able to upgrade batteries’ functionality and capacity. The quality and stability of each product shipped is also our concern and guarantee.

  • Quality Certification

    Our factories are certified with ISO9001 and products with CE, UL (MH46375) and RoHS. We always maintain all certificates’ validity through third party and certified institutes.

  • Environmental friendly

    We believe in “Go Green, Lead the Lives". Rechargeable batteries are themselves help protect the environment by repeatedly use with at least 500 times cycle life under IEC standard. We are not satisfied with the standard but instead we also make batteries of more than 1500 times cycle life, which is our commitment to put our effort to make the world green when we do our business.

  • Application

    Rechargeable batteries’ applications are selected widely known for Digital Camcorder, Camera, Cordless Phones, Toys, Power Tools and to name a few. We have the capability to provide most of those batteries in the market. Our know-how let us to resolve engineering problems that we have been becoming a pioneer to deal with new applications with very demanding technical requirements.

  • R&D

    We build our own laboratory centre with state-of-art equipments. Our R&D team is dedicated to research and develop new product and advanced technology.

  • Customer Service

    FBTech is always treating our business partners in the first place. We have each customer taken care by Account Manager for all enquiries and after-sales services. Our promising turn-around time is not just procedure but is our culture to do business. We believe customer satisfaction is our achievement and motivation to maintain our sophisticated customer services.